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A Favorite Local Venue

15 years later

Celebrating Life and Culture in Rusk County

Building Timeline


Used for Creamery

The building was originally used for testing milk for the Ladysmith Creamery. In 1924, the Flambeau Valley Farms Cooperative took over creamery operations.


Operations Cease

The creamery closed in early 1970.


Used as a Body Shop

The building was used as a body shop for Bill Stearns Auto Dealership and Toycen.


Auto Detailing and Refurbishing

It was used for detailing for Kleen-Car. The space was also used to refurbish lampshades for the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain and make props and lamp stands for Ashley furniture stores.


Ownership Changes

John Hoover acquired the building as a workshop for his construction business. He began to remodel it and style it using items he’d acquired over his years on the job. As the building came to life, it began to draw attention.


A Favorite Local Event Venue

Filled with historic items from the local area and many other of John’s eclectic style pieces, the building attracts people from across the state. Today the building serves as a venue for various events, including concerts, reunions, classes, parties, workshops, and worship services.

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